The Pyramid

The Pyramid is the name given to the structure of football leagues in England. Each league within the Pyramid has links with leagues above and below it in the pyramid. Clubs finishing top, or near the top, of their league are earn promotion to a higher league, and likewise teams performing poorly are relegated to a lower league. Promotion is usually dependent on the clubs meeting the ground facilities criteria of the league they are seeking to join. These become more stringent the further up the Pyramid a club progresses. It is thus possible for a club to progress from the lowest reaches of the pyramid (local leagues) all the way up the highest professional league, the FA Carling Premiership. In practice it is unlikely that this would ever happen, however a number of clubs have managed to progress through 5 or 6 levels of the Pyramid since the system was set up in the early 1980s.

These pages catalogue the leagues belonging to the top 10 levels of the Pyramid. Eventually for each league a brief history, lists of recent (and sometimes all) champions and current member clubs will be provided. Currently this is available for most leagues down to level 8, with a few level 9 leagues also covered.

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