Full Members Cup 1986-92

The Full Members Cup was a short-lived supplementary Cup competition for Full Members of the Football League, i.e. those belonging to the old First and Second Divisions. It was introduced in 1985 following the European ban on English clubs, along with Super Cup, and mirrored the relatively successful tournament for Associate Members which had been introduced 2 years earlier. However it was never very popular, and was viewed as an irritating irrelevance by the top clubs who usually declined to enter, and by the football supporters in general who stayed away from matches in droves (although the crowds at the Finals were quite creditable). The re-admission of English clubs to Europe in 1990 was a fatal blow to the ailing tournament and when ZDS's sponsorship expired in 1992 the tournament was consigned to the history books. It replaced by the reserrected Anglo-Italian Cup, a competition which achieved the difficult task of proving even less popular than it's predecessor.

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Finals 1986-92

All finals at Wembley
Year  Winners                     Runners-up                    Attendance
1992  Nottingham Forest        3  Southampton              2    67688
1991  Crystal Palace           4  Everton                  1    52460
1990  Chelsea                  1  Middlesbrough            0    76639
1989  Nottingham Forest        4  Everton                  3    46606   (after extra-time)
1988  Reading                  4  Luton Town               1    61740
1987  Blackburn Rovers         1  Charlton Athletic        0    40000
1986  Chelsea                  5  Manchester City          4    68000

Competition known as Zenith Data Systems Cup (ZDS Cup) 1989-90 to 1991-92
Competition known as Simod Cup 1987-88 to 1988-89
Competition known as Full Members Cup 1985-86 to 1986-87

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Summary 1986-92 (7 competitions)

2  Chelsea, Nottingham Forest
1  Blackburn Rovers, Reading, Crystal Palace

Final appearances
2  Chelsea, Everton, Nottingham Forest
1  Manchester City, Blackburn Rovers, Charlton Athletic, Reading, Luton Town,
   Middlesbrough, Crystal Palace, Southampton

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