Anglo-Italian Competitions 1969-95

The original Anglo-Italian Cup grew out of the need to give Swindon Town some reward for winning the League Cup in 1969 (as a Third Division team they could not be admitted into the Fairs Cup). It also acted as a source of additional revenue for clubs who had not qualified for Europe. It was not a very successful competition and in 1975 it was abandoned, although the Anglo-Italian connection continued in the shape of a new tournament for semi-professional sides. In 1993 the idea of an Anglo-Italian Cup was revived to replace the discredited Full Members (ZDS) Cup. The new competition involved teams from the secondary divisions of the two countries (Football League Division One and Italian Serie B). It was a complete flop with most games, especially in Italy, attracted only minimal crowds and very little coverage. It managed to survive 4 seasons before disappearing into oblivion in 1996.

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Finals 1993-96

All finals at Wembley
Year  Winners                     Runners-up                    Attendance
1996  Genoa                    5  Port Vale                2    12683
1995  Notts County             2  Ascoli                   1    11704
1994  Cremonese                3  Derby County             1    37024
1993  Brescia                  1  Notts County             0    17185

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Finals 1970-75

1975  Napoli                   4  Southampton              1
1974  Fiorentina               2  West Ham United          0
1973  Fiorentina               1  Newcastle United         2
1972  Roma                     3  Blackpool                1
1971  Bologna                  1  Blackpool                2
1970* Napoli                   0  Swindon Town             3
* abandoned after 79 minutes, result stood           

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Anglo-Italian League Cup Winners Cup 1969-71

1971* Tottenham Hotspur        3  Torino                   0
1970* Bologna                  3  Manchester City          2
1969* Swindon Town             5  Roma                     2
* aggregate score

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