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You may think your team is the worst in the entire history of football. Had you had the "privilege" of watching ZFE's interpretation of how to play the noble game in the St.Andrew's University Sunday League between 1982 and 1985 then you'd surely be forced to revise your opinions. There can't be many teams who can boast of conceding over 20 goals in a fixture twice in one season, or a grand total of 126 goals lost in just 9 league and cup games with only 3 goals to show in return. It wasn't just the magnitude of the goals against column which impressed, it was the almost competely absence of anything even approaching the most basic footballing skills in the majority of players who graced the team. However, ZFE never let minor deficiencies like that get in the way of their enjoyment of the game and competed in the true Olympian and amateur spirit. The ZFE ideal was not about winning (a rare event indeed) or losing (all too often by a proverbial barrow load), but simply about playing. In honour of the stalwarts of The ZFE Experience, this site is known as ZFE Web.

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