FA Carling Premiership 1998-99

Round 3

Saturday 29th August

Arsenal(0)0Charlton Athletic(0)038014
Petit sent off 58
Blackburn Rovers(1)1Leicester City(0)022544
Gallacher 12
Coventry City(0)0West Ham United(0)020818
Everton(0)0Tottenham Hotspur(1)139378
Ferdinand 5
Middlesbrough(0)1Derby County(1)134121
Ricard 48Wanchope 31
Sheffield Wednesday(0)0Aston Villa(1)125989
Joachim 37
Southampton(0)1Nottingham Forest(0)214942
Le Tissier 89Darcheville 52, Stone 68
Wimbledon(0)1Leeds United(0)116437
Hughes 72Bowyer 61
Newcastle United(1)1Liverpool(4)436740
Guivarc'h 28Owen 17 18 32, Berger 45

League Table at 29th August 1998

2Aston Villa310031110107+3
3Nottingham Forest310010101336+1
4Charlton Athletic310050020005+5
7Leeds United310010020115+1
8West Ham United301000110105+1
9Leicester City310020011234+1
10Coventry City3110210010140
11Blackburn Rovers3110100010140
12Sheffield Wednesday300202100303+1
13Derby County3010000201130
14Tottenham Hotspur300103101233-4
15Manchester United2010220100020
17Newcastle United301114010112-3

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