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Football League Division Two Champions 1993-99

Following the loss of the 22 Division One clubs to the newly formed FA Premier League in 1992, the remaining divisions of the Football League were renumbered and the old Third Division became the new Division Two.

2003  Wigan Athletic
2002  Brighton & Hove Albion
2001  Millwall
2000  Preston North End
1999  Fulham
1998  Watford
1997  Bury
1996  Swindon Town
1995  Birmingham City
1994  Reading
1993  Stoke City

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Football League Third Division Champions 1959-1992

In 1958 the two regional Third Division were abolished and replaced by national Third and Fourth Divisions. The two clubs relegated from the Second Division and the clubs finishing 2nd to 12th in the regional divisions in Season 1957-58 formed the Third Division for Season 1958-59.

1992  Brentford
1991  Cambridge United
1990  Bristol Rovers
1989  Wolverhampton Wanderers
1988  Sunderland
1987  AFC Bournemouth
1986  Reading
1985  Bradford City
1984  Oxford United
1983  Portsmouth
1982  Burnley
1981  Rotherham United
1980  Grimsby Town
1979  Shrewsbury Town
1978  Wrexham
1977  Mansfield Town
1976  Hereford United
1975  Blackburn Rovers
1974  Oldham Athletic
1973  Bolton Wanderers
1972  Aston Villa
1971  Preston North End
1970  Orient
1969  Watford
1968  Oxford United
1967  Queen's Park Rangers
1966  Hull City
1965  Carlisle United
1964  Coventry City
1963  Northampton Town
1962  Portsmouth
1961  Bury
1960  Southampton
1959  Plymouth Argyle

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Summary 1959-2003 (45 championships)

2  Portsmouth, Oxford United, Reading, Bury, Watford, Preston North End
1  Plymouth Argyle, Southampton, Northampton Town, Coventry City, Carlisle United,
   Hull City, Queen's Park Rangers, Orient, Aston Villa, Bolton Wanderers, Oldham Athletic,
   Blackburn Rovers, Hereford United, Mansfield Town, Wrexham, Shrewsbury Town, Grimsby Town,
   Rotherham United, Burnley, Bradford City, AFC Bournemouth, Sunderland, Wolverhampton Wanderers,
   Bristol Rovers, Cambridge United, Brentford, Stoke City, Birmingham City, Swindon Town, Fulham,
   Millwall, Brighton & Hove Albion, Wigan Athletic

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Football League Third Division Champions 1921-58

In 1920 the Football League expanded to Three Division by absorbing all but one of the members of Division One of the Southern League. A year later 20 Northern Clubs were elected to form a Northern Section of Division Threee and the exisiting division became the Southern Section.

      Northern Section           Southern Section
1958  Scunthorpe United          Brighton & Hove Albion
1957  Derby County               Ipswich Town
1956  Grimsby Town               Leyton Orient
1955  Barnsley                   Bristol City
1954  Port Vale                  Ipswich Town
1953  Oldham Athletic            Bristol Rovers
1952  Lincoln City               Plymouth Argyle
1951  Rotherham United           Nottingham Forest
1950  Doncaster Rovers           Notts County
1949  Hull City                  Swansea Town
1948  Lincoln City               Queen's Park Rangers
1947  Doncaster Rovers           Cardiff City
1940-46  No competition due to the war
1939  Barnsley                   Newport County
1938  Tranmere Rovers            Millwall
1937  Stockport County           Luton Town
1936  Chesterfield               Coventry City
1935  Doncaster Rovers           Charlton Athletic
1934  Barnsley                   Norwich City
1933  Hull City                  Brentford
1932  Lincoln City               Fulham
1931  Chesterfield               Notts County
1930  Port Vale                  Plymouth Argyle
1929  Bradford City              Charlton Athletic
1928  Bradford (Park Avenue)     Millwall
1927  Stoke City                 Bristol City
1926  Grimsby Town               Reading
1925  Darlington                 Swansea Town
1924  Wolverhampton Wanderers    Portsmouth
1923  Nelson                     Bristol City
1922  Stockport County           Southampton
1921*                            Crystal Palace

* Only one section (effectively the Southern section) in 1920-21.

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Summary 1921-1958 (61 championships)

3  Doncaster Rovers, Lincoln City, Barnsley
2  Chesterfield, Stockport County, Hull City, Port Vale, Grimsby Town
1  Nelson, Wolverhampton Wanderers, Darlington, Stoke City, Bradford (Park Avenue),
   Bradford City, Tranmere Rovers, Rotherham United, Oldham Athletic,
   Derby County, Scunthorpe United

3  Bristol City
2  Charlton Athletic, Millwall, Swansea Town (now Swansea City), Notts County,
   Plymouth Argyle, Ipswich Town
1  Crystal Palace, Southampton, Portsmouth, Reading, Fulham, Brentford, Norwich City,
   Coventry City, Luton Town, Newport County, Cardiff City, Queen's Park Rangers,
   Nottingham Forest, Bristol Rovers, Leyton Orient, Brighton & Hove Albion

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Summary 1921-2003 (106 championships)

3  Doncaster Rovers, Lincoln City, Barnsley, Bristol City, Plymouth Argyle, 
   Hull City, Grimsby Town, Portsmouth, Reading, Millwall
2  Charlton Athletic, Chesterfield, Stockport County, Swansea Town (now
   Swansea City), Notts County, Port Vale, Ipswich Town, Southampton,
   Coventry City, Queen's Park Rangers, Leyton Orient/Orient, Oldham Athletic,
   Rotherham United, Oxford United, Bradford City, Wolverhampton Wanderers,
   Bristol Rovers, Brentford, Stoke City, Bury, Watford, Fulham, Preston North End,
   Brighton & Hove Albion
1  Crystal Palace, Nelson, Darlington, Bradford (Park Avenue), Norwich City,
   Luton Town, Tranmere Rovers, Newport County, Cardiff City, Nottingham Forest,
   Derby County, Scunthorpe United, Northampton Town, Carlisle United, Aston Villa,
   Bolton Wanderers, Blackburn Rovers, Hereford United, Mansfield Town, Wrexham,
   Shrewsbury Town, Burnley, AFC Bournemouth, Sunderland, Cambridge United,
   Birmingham City, Swindon Town, Wigan Athletic

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