AXA sponsored FA Challenge Cup 1998-99

Fifth Round

Saturday 13th February

Arsenal(1)2Sheffield United(0)138020
Vieira 28, Overmars 76Marcelo 48
Match declared void, Arsenal's play leading to winning goal was 'unsporting'
Barnsley(2)4Bristol Rovers(0)117508
Hignett 38 44 71, Dyer 63Roberts 83
Everton(1)2Coventry City(0)132957
Jeffers 20, Oster 77McAllister 84
Huddersfield Town(1)2Derby County(0)222129
Beech 42, Stewart 71Burton 55, Dorigo 59
Leeds United(0)1Tottenham Hotspur(0)139696
Harte 73Sherwood 52
Sheffield Wednesday(0)0Chelsea(0)129410
di Matteo 85

Sunday 14th February

Manchester United(1)1Fulham(0)054798
Cole 26
Newcastle United(0)0Blackburn Rovers(0)036295

Tuesday 23rd February

Arsenal(2)2Sheffield United(0)137161
Overmars 15, Bergkamp 37Morris 86


Wednesday 24th February

Blackburn Rovers(0)0Newcastle United(1)127483
Saha 39
Derby County(1)3Huddersfield Town(1)128704
Dorigo 34, Baiano 73 82Beech 15
Tottenham Hotspur(0)2Leeds United(0)032307
Anderton 59, Ginola 67

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