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The structure of the FA Cup allows for some clubs to be exempt from the earlier rounds of the competition. Previously exemptions were based on clubs' success in previous FA Cup competitions, from 1998-99 the system was revised and exemptions are now based on league status. Members clubs of the top semi-professional league, The Football Conference, are exempt to the 3rd Qualiying Round, member clubs of the Premier Divisions of the three leagues immediately below The Football Conference are exempt to the 2nd Qualifying Round. The 92 Premiership and Nationwide League clubs are automatically exempt to the competition proper. The Division Two and Three clubs participate from the First Round whilst the Premiership and Division One clubs do not enter the competition until the Third Round.

66 Clubs exempt to the 2nd Qualifying Round

Members of the Premier Division of the UniBond League, Dr Martens League and Ryman League.

22 Clubs exempt to the 3rd Qualifying Round

All members of The Football Conference.

48 Clubs exempt to the First Round

All members of Nationwide League Divisions Two and Three.

44 Clubs exempt to the Third Round

All members of FA Carling Premiership and Nationwide League Division One.

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